Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby Safe Liquid Cleanser is in-store!

Got this info from Blog @ TLC...sound interesting...wanna try...hehe...

Baby Safe Liquid Cleanser RM21.90

Bumble Bee Baby Safe Liquid Cleanser is the ideal Natural Cleanser and is essential for baby’s health. It is made with 100% natural & biodegradable ingredients.

Formulated entirely from fruit and vegetable extracts, it is gentle and mild on the skin. It is effective in removing stubborn milk fats and stains from baby accessories such as bottles, teats, pacifiers and toys. In addition, it is suitable for washing fruits and vegetables. It is a safer alternative to chemical washing liquids thus eliminating baby’s exposure to chemicals and is able to reduce risk of upset tummies. It is also laboratory tested to be free from harmful materials.

Unique Feature of Bumble Bee Baby Safe Liquid Cleanser: 100% free from chemicals like LABS, SLS, SLES, Betaines, CDE, Phosphates, Paraben & Silicates.

+ No Chloride
+ No Fragrance
+ No Heavy Metal
+ No Preservatives
+ No Artificial Colourings

Botanical surfactants, essential oil, vinegar, thyme extract, citrus extract, orange extract

Content 750ml with Natural Orange flavour


*suka mencuba sesuatu yang baru...

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